It’s Nice to Have You in Birmingham


“It’s Nice to Have You in Birmingham” mural @ John’s City Diner | Birmingham, AL


It’s Nice to Have You in Birmingham” has become the unofficial slogan of Birmingham, AL once again. The phrase was heavily featured in the 1950’s to promote the Magic City.

André Natta, publisher of “The Terminal,” picked up the catchphrase in 2007 and used it on a line of t-shirts and in other media. Yellowhammer Creative on 2nd Ave S followed suit in 2013 when they began featuring the slogan on their screen printed works and other crafts.

Through Kickstarter campaigns and help from the Magic City Mural Collective, the famous saying can now be seen all over Birmingham, including on the exterior wall of John’s City Diner as it appears in the image above and near the 55th Place parking lot in Woodlawn.

Whenever you explore the ‘Ham, take a moment to enjoy some of the history that lies beneath this genuine remark. It truly is nice to have you in Birmingham.

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